Glasir Services and Support

The Glasir team is there to support You in maximizing the value of your Glasir investment. We offer a full range of service packages, from installation services, training, deployment, integration and support contracts.

Feel free to contact us today to get more information, or to get started with the Glasir platform.


Start on the right foot

The Glasir professional services team will help you install and configure Glasir in the most optimal way for your project. Installation includes configuration of Continuous Deployment and local Artifactory proxy installation.


Make sure your team members are all on the same page

Our intensive courses equip your development team with advanced know-how of Glasir-based project automation—all through small, informative hands-on classes.


Safeguard your investment

Here at Glasir we love working with software veterans. So, for those of you already managing Glasir builds in production environments, partnering with us means you open the door to endless support from our team of Glasir experts.

Think of it as a nice security blanket, or a bit of peace of mind.

If your project runs into a critical problem, our core developers and Glasir experts will be happy to offer a helping hand, and ensure that your project gets back on track.

We employ a highly experienced, knowledgeable community of Glasir experts. Get an answer to your questions within a guaranteed response time directly from our experts.


Glasir is not a toolbox. Glasir is a methodology.

You have chosen to invest in the way things are done, by considering Glasir as a platform. While Glasir is a powerful platform, the real key lies in how it is used and the methods behind adopting it.



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